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Psychic Stones


Have you imagined working with someone who meets you right where you are AND can hold the space for what you want to become? Do you want to safely experience dropping into and receiving intuitive guidance, clarity, and support?

As a somatic therapist and intuitive healer, I use several modalities in my sessions depending on the specific needs of my clients. I use my gifts in all of the four metaphysical senses to connect and view the energy around situations and relationships: Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Claircognizant (clear knowing). I am a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist and certified massage therapist. Each somatic therapy session is different and is aimed to heal body, mind, and soul. Somatic therapy can benefit anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief, or if you are just looking to manifest a healthier, happier life. When you leave a session you will feel refreshed, reenergized, calm, clear, and balanced. I seek to empower my clients, to show them how to let their innermost wisdom shine through, and to heal by allowing them to feel truly seen and heard.

My services are available in-person or vitrtually and I charge based on a sliding scale. Below are some of the many modalities I use in my practice.

Breathe into you heart...

Connect to your soul...

Allow your body the ease and healing it longs for.

Let my loving hands guide you home to your balanced self.



Chakra Clearing

Astrological Charts

Intuitive Readings

Guided Meditation

Body Work

Sound Bowls + Crystals

Talk Therapy




"Ellen is so incredibly intuitive and wise. She has helped me through so many challenges because she deeply understands me and has such great insight. I always walk away feeling lighter and more inspired to feel joy. Thank you Ellen!"


- Maureen R.

"Ellen is my therapist that gives massage as a bonus, she knows what I need and I always leave her with a feeling of flying. She knows how to lift you up and find solutions to your problems."


- Jessica W.

"How do I even begin to explain how amazing Ellen is? My experience was beyond anything I could have imagined. Ellen’s intuition for what I needed in that moment was amazing. My body was nourished, my soul was nourished and my heart was nourished. I can’t describe in words how magical of an experience it was. You will never regret your decision to visit Ellen, your body, spirit and mind will be forever grateful to you."


- Nicola B.


Schedule a Visit

I am accepting new clients. Call or text me today at 831.252.4325.

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