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My Art


As a native New Yorker my work is often informed by my early impressions of a city filled with diversity and juxtaposition. Finding inspiration amongst the rubble of the demolished buildings, I see the lone flower thriving amongst the concrete. This fills me with a living excitement, an appreciation of unorthodox beauty and contrast that is alive in me today.


My process is physical, visceral, visual and kinesthetic. Using canvas, paint, metal, paper, hardware, plaster, metallics, wood filling and/or found objects. I find myself pushing the edges of the mediums, substrates and irregular surfaces. I love painting, scratching, scraping, and ripping to mar the surfaces. I explore constructing, deconstructing, and reconstructing my work; abandoning control or attachment to a “perfect outcome.”


“I paint from where from I dream…”   

As a professional hypnotherapist and healer, exploring the unconscious mind and cultivating the ability to relax into “altered states” is a source of creativity for me, as well as a multi-sensory experience. This approach to painting, mark-making, and creating inspires a spontaneity which develops into a multi-sense dialogue with my work, often revealing images from the unconscious. The resulting pieces of art offer the viewer the chance to relax into the discovery of various images revealed within the paintings for themselves. While these discoveries may originally be uniquely theirs… perhaps they are part of a larger field? The field of our collective unconscious!


Through Experimental Abstract Expressionism I have found my authentic voice. I want my work to inspire others to create, to find their voice, and when they do... scream!

Below are some of the pieces I currently have for sale, and I am always happy to discuss commissions if you have something particular in mind.

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